We are completely surrounded by miracles, and I’m not talking about the face of Jesus in a tortilla. If you take the time to really think about things, you can’t help being amazed by what you see around you. Richard Feynman, the Nobel Laureate physicist, noted that trees are made from nothing but sunlight and air. Somehow, the plant manages to combine carbon from the air and the energy from the sun to grow a towering tree from a tiny seed. It seems to us that there is nothing there, just some light from the sun, and “empty” air, we can put our hands right through it. But this nothingness turns into something quite large and solid. Take some time today to look around and wonder.

Richard Feynman said of winning the Nobel Prize, that he didn’t need honors, “I’ve got the prize. The prize is the pleasure of finding things out.”

There are lots of great videos of Richard Feynman on youtube, I recommend the “Pleasure of Finding Things Out” series, here:

Richard Feynman, Pleasure of Finding Things Out, Part 1

All of Feynman’s 1964 lecture series are posted at the Tuvo Project, which includes additional text and comments. You’ll need to download and install Silverlight from Microsoft to see it, when you click on the link you’ll be prompted to download.