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So you want to end abortion? Perhaps you’ve marched in the streets, donated to the anti-abortion cause, and shown your support on social media. What else can you do?

Here are some practical steps you can take, right now, to end abortion:

  1. Teach your sons they are financially responsible for any children they father, and that you will hold them to that standard. Too often only women bear the financial burden of an unwanted pregnancy, while men are at least equally responsible for creating the pregnancy.
  2. Teach your sons and daughters about birth control and help them get it. Make sure they know you will help them get it, before they need it.
  3. Petition your local and state governments to overturn laws that require parental consent to obtain birth control. If your relationship with your child is as good as you think, you won’t need an outsider to tell you they are seeking birth control. If you’re afraid your relationship is not that good, work on making it better. Open the lines of communication.
  4. Support sex education in your local schools and make sure it’s part of the curriculum. Ensure abstinence is not the only option – abstinence-only education is highly correlated with increased pregnancy rates and leads to more unwanted pregnancies.
  5. Work with your local, state, and government officials to ensure that birth control is available, affordable and accessible to everyone who wants it. This means condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, whatever is best for the patient – some forms of birth control may be medically contraindicated for some people. Birth control should be free if you really want to end abortion.
  6. Stop frequenting businesses that don’t want their health insurance to cover birth control due to religious reasons, or any other reasons – this is the opposite of what you need to prevent abortion. 
  7. Work with your local, state, and government officials to ensure the morning after pill remains available and accessible.

Abortion is not a cause, it is a symptom of unwanted pregnancy. If you want to stop abortions, stop unwanted pregnancies by making them easy to avoid, and lowering the consequences of unwanted pregnancies for women. Think of all of the abortions you can prevent by following the above steps, and take action.

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